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Police Officer Physical Fitness Agility Test


Candidates passing the written exam will be required to then take the physical agility exam. All 3 
components of the exam must be passed the first time, however, candidates will be invited to a 
practice agility exam prior to their actual physical agility test date. Candidates are urged to 
participate in the practice exam as experience has shown the failure rate is approximately 40%.

The three components measured in this physical fitness screening test are muscular endurance (core 
body), muscular endurance (upper body) and cardiovascular capacity. A brief description of the test 
items used to measure each component follows:

1.   Sit-up   Muscular Endurance (Core Body) - The score indicated below is the number of bent-leg 
sit-ups, heels flat on the floor with fingers interlaced behind the head that must be performed in 
one minute.  Your feet will be held down firmly.  In the up position candidate should touch elbows 
to knees and return with shoulder blades touching. Any resting must be done in the up position. 
Candidates will begin the event in the down position moving appropriately to the up position and 
then back to the down position which will count as one repetition.

Sit UpSit UpSit Up

2. Push-Up Muscular Endurance (Upper Body) - The hands are placed slightly wider than shoulder 
width apart, with fingers pointing forward. The monitor places one fist on the floor below the 
candidate’s chest. Starting from the up position (elbows extended), the candidate must keep the 
back straight at all times and lower the body to the floor until the chest touches the monitor’s 
Female candidates will lower their body until the chest touches the sponge (please see picture). 
The candidate then returns to the up position.   This is one repetition.

The candidate’s score will consist of the number of correct repetitions performed without a break 
(i.e. one or both knees touching the floor, hitting the floor, remaining on the floor, stopping).

Push UpPush UpPush UpPush Up

3.   1.5 Mile      Cardiovascular Capacity - The score indicated below is calculated in 
minutes/seconds.   On the
Run    day of the testing, the participant should refrain from smoking or eating for 2 hours 
preceding the test.   The test administrator will call out the time that has passed at 2 minute 
intervals.   A
monitor will let each candidate know how many laps they have completed as they pass the cone.
Typically 8 to 10 candidates are performing this event at one time.


20-29 38 29 12:38
30-39 35 24 12:58
20-29 32 15 14:50
30-39 25 11 15:43