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Hamilton Green - 200 Hamilton Avenue
Hamilton Green - 200 Hamilton Avenue (White Plains Mall Site)
A petition to amend the Zoning Ordinance, submitted in support of a conceptual development plan that proposes the redevelopment of the 3.74-acre White Plains Mall site with a mixed use project that includes: 90,000 square feet of retail space, 900 apartments, a 1,060-space parking garage, and 29,600 square feet of elevated public open space along with 22,400 square feet of street level open space.

Hamilton Green DEIS
200 Hamilton DEIS
200 Hamilton Avenue DEIS Scope Draft
Notice of DEIS and Scope Draft
Submission Letter
Zoning Petition 

Hamilton Green FEIS
Notice of Completion of A Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)
Hamilton Green FEIS

Appendix Table of Content
Appendix A - Public Hearing Transcript and Letters
Appendix B - TDI Zoning Amendment
Appendix C-1 -Hydrant Flow Test
Appendix C-2 - Sanitary Report
Appendix C-3 - MEP Calculations
Appendix D - Fiscal Report
Appendix E - Traffic 
Appendix F-1 - Phase 1 ESA
Appendix F-2 - Phase 2 Subsurface Investigation
Appendix G - Wind Analysis
Appendix H - SWPPP
Appendix I - Shadow Study
Appendix J - Conceptual Development Plan
Appendix K - Parking Study