Inspection Information


In accordance with the White Plains Supplemental Building Code, certain mandatory inspections are required to be performed by our department throughout the duration of a construction project. As an example, the following is a list of the minimum quantity and types of inspections required for a new single family house being constructed:

Site Preparation - to be made in conjunction with the Department of Public Works prior to construction to ensure that environmental protection provisions are in place. (example-Silt fencing etc.)

Foundation Inspection - to be made after footing trenches are excavated and the necessary forms erected

Mechanical, Plumbing, Fire Protection and Electrical Inspection - to be made after all pipes, ducts, and wiring are in place

 Frame and Masonry Inspection - t be made after all framing, masonry walls, electrical, mechanical, fire stopping and bracing is in place

 Insulation Inspection - to be made after all required insulation is in place

 Final Inspection - t be made after building is complete

No mechanical, plumbing, fire sprinkler, or electrical installation shall be covered or concealed in any manner whatsoever without first being inspected and accepted by our department.

Each project may have unique types and quantities of inspections required dependent upon the scope of work. Please contact your assigned Inspector prior to commencing any work so the inspections required for your project are understood from the onset.

Request for Inspections - The Building Department shall act upon all  requests for inspections as soon as practicable, and generally within forty- eight(48) hours of the initial request.

Contractor to Be Present - The contractor responsible for the work to be  inspected, or a responsible representative of the contractor, shall be present at each mandatory inspection.