Marriage Licenses

City Hall is closed to the public because of the health crisis.  Due to skeleton staffing, we are issuing marriage licenses to White Plains residents.  If one of the parties has a driver’s license with a White Plains address, then read on for additional requirements.

A marriage license is issued for a period of 60 days and must be used within that period. There is also a 24-hour waiting period, which means that if you apply for your license at noon on Friday, you cannot be married until noon on Saturday. This regulation cannot be waived without a court order. The license is only valid for marriages performed in the State of New York.


  • Couples must apply together
  • A letter from the officiant on letterhead stating the parties names and date of marriage
  • Certified copies of birth certificates listing parents. Birth Certificates must have a raised seal or colored stamp - Photocopies are not accepted.
  • For any/each prior marriages, a certified copy of the Judgement of Divorce or death certificate is required.
  • Any document in a foreign language must be accompanied by a certified translation.
  • $40 fee (cash, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX or money order) no personal checks accepted


Born in the United States

  • Current passport, Driver’s license with a photo or a non-driver’s identification with a photo

Born Outside the United States

  • Alien Resident Card, Current passport or Naturalization Certificate

If you meet this criteria, please call our office on either Tuesday or Thursday to make an appointment.