Traffic Division of Parking

Managing Challenges

To manage the transportation challenges presented by White Plains' unique mix of development, the Traffic Division has an office staff of two engineers, and a field staff of six.

Innovative Techniques

The staff members continually apply both standard and innovative techniques for providing a safe and efficient roadway environment throughout White Plains. There are over 12,000 traffic signs, 130 traffic signals, and 60 lane miles of pavement markings under department jurisdiction. In addition to the normal routine of attending to daily maintenance of signs, signals, and markings, the department is involved in "behind the scenes" management of traffic operations.

Constant Adjustments

From a central control room in City Hall, the traffic signal equipment is constantly adjusted to match the changing demands of retail, office, and residential traffic activities.

New Features

Fire preferential routing, computer generation and selection of traffic patterns, detailed graphic representations of actual signal operations, and video monitoring are just a few of many sophisticated features utilized.

Adaptive Control

The constant changing of traffic plans in real time is the latest feature to be developed and applies techniques which are utilized in only a handful of cities across the country. The adaptive feature makes use of an extensive network of system sensors which monitor traffic volumes and adjust signal split and cycle times on a cycle-by-cycle basis. The current adaptive network includes nine (9) signals in the Tarrytown Road corridor.