STAR Exemption Removal & Renunciation

Property owners who wish to stop receiving the STAR exemption can request the exemption be removed.

Application to Renounce Previously Granted Exemptions(s) (RP-496) (PDF) must be completed and submitted to the Westchester County Director in order to remove current STAR Exemption.  You must then register for the STAR Credit directly with the Department of Taxation and Finance at or call the office at (518) 457-2036.

Please submit Form (RP-496) to the Westchester County Tax Commission located at:

110 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Blvd, Room L-221                                                                                                                       White Plains, NY 10601                                                                                                                                                               (914) 995-4325 

Please note that the renunciation of a STAR exemption is irrevocable.  This includes property owners who renounce their STAR exemption to switch to the credit; they cannot switch back to the exemption at a later time.