City Clerk

The Office of the City Clerk provides administrative services to the citizens of White Plains and acts as Secretary to the Common Council.

Vital Records

The Clerk’s Office has statutory responsibility for the recording of all births and deaths that occur in the city, as well as for issuing marriage licenses. More information on births, deaths, marriages, genealogy and marriage licenses can be found on our Vital Records page.

Dog & Special Licenses

For resident dog owners, this office also issues Dog Licenses to assist dog owners if their animals should become lost. Special Licenses of the City are issued through this Office.

Secretary to the Common Council

As Secretary to the Common Council, the City Clerk is responsible for the minutes which is a compilation of actions taken by the Council as the legislative body, including indexing and codification of laws into the Municipal Code. The Office also certifies legislation and other official documents of City agencies.

Management of Records

As Records Management Officer, the Clerk is responsible for records retention and the coordination of the records management process. The Clerk’s Office has statutory responsibility for the management of the White Plains City Archives, including acquiring, processing, and preserving all documents, photographs, and artifacts of historical significance to the citizens of the City.

Voter Assistance

The City Clerk acts as a liaison to the Board of Elections to assist voters for Primary, Special and General Elections.