Parking Questions & Answers During the Coronavirus Crisis

Is payment required at on-street parking meters?

Yes. Parking meters are in effect throughout the municipal parking system. However, the City has placed blue meter bags on certain parking meters throughout the downtown area to provide free 10 minute limit curbside pickup and delivery parking.

Curbside Pickup Meter Bags

Is payment required in City parking lots and garages?

Yes. Off-street City parking lots and garages require payment at all times.

Are parking garage offices open for business?  

Yes, with modified hours and with modified access.

Lexington-Grove West, Lexington-Grove East, and White Plains Center Garage offices:
Monday thru Saturday from 10:00am to 6:30pm.
You will be required to utilize the drive-up window.

Hamilton-Main garage office:
Monday thru Friday from 10:00am to 6:30pm.
Please enter the office one person at a time.

How can I RENEW my parking permit without visiting a garage office?  

Current permit holders can follow the instructions on the rear of the stub attached to your permit.  Mail us a check in the correct amount along with the stub attached to your current permit. Make the check payable to “City of White Plains.” We’ll mail you back your permit. Please allow enough time for mail delivery.

How can I purchase a NEW parking permit without visiting a garage office?  

New parkers should fill out the online permit application form and mail the form with a check in the correct amount to us. It is best to speak with us for details and we’ll be happy to assist you. Please call (914)422-1232 or email with your contact information.

I have a Night & Weekend permit but need to park 24 hours. What should I do?  

Night & Weekend permit holders should trade-in their permit and purchase a 24 hour permit if they are now parking during the day also. At locations where 24 hour permits were not available, the Department may now be making 24 hour permits temporarily available during the coronavirus crisis. Please call the garage office where you purchase your permit to discuss your specific situation.

Hamilton-Main Garage – (914)422-1310
Lexington-Grove West Garage – (914)422-1391
Lexington-Grove East Garage – (914)422-1392
White Plains Center Garage – (914)422-1214

Will I lose my permit renewal privilege if I do not renew my permit in April because I do not need to park?  

If you do not need to park in April 2020 and you do not buy an April permit, you will still be able to purchase a May 2020 permit even if a waiting list exists where you park.

I am out of work and cannot afford to pay for my parking permit, can I park for free?  

Right now, there is no authorized program for free parking for persons in fiscal distress. We are looking into providing a payment deferral program that would allow you to get a permit now but pay for it later.