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Jacob Purdy Parks


  1. Historical Park


The park was developed by the City of White Plains to accommodate the relocation of the historic Jacob Purdy House. The house is used for historical programming and as headquarters of the White Plains Historical Society.

Jacob Purdy Park, 1.37 acre park is located on Park Avenue south of its intersection with Kirby Terrace. It is situated at the top of the Purdy Hill on a part of the original 132 acre farm purchased by Jacob Purdy in 1730. 


  • Historical Park
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The Jacob Purdy House was constructed in 1721 at the foot of Purdy Hill and moved by the City in 1973 to its present site. The house was military headquarters during the Revolutionary War. It was used by General Washington for a few days before the Battle of White Plains, and the again for almost two months during the summer of 1778. Since its move to the Purdy Park site in 1973, the City has restored the historic house and undertaken improvements to the site. 

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