What is a site plan?

Site plans are prepared for proposed new developments or modifications to existing developments. The site plan document contains drawings and related support materials, such as legal data, topography and natural features, building elevations, existing and proposed structures and utilities, and other information, as required by Section 7.3 of the Zoning Ordinance. This document allows the Building Department and the approving agency to review the site plan in accordance with Section 7.4 of the Zoning Ordinance. Site plans must be prepared and signed by a professional architect, landscape architect, land surveyor, or engineer licensed to practice in the State of New York.

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1. What is a site plan?
2. Who approves a site plan?
3. How can I find out what is required to prepare a site plan application?
4. Where do I get the necessary forms and information about filing a site plan application?
5. What happens after an application is filed with the Department of Building?
6. What action is required by the approving agency before I can start work on my project?