City of White Plains: Two Types of Trash Pick up

Regular trash pick up - Available in most neighborhoods.

Automated Side Loader (ASL)*- in limited neighborhoods but the program is expanding 

  •  Sanitation/Recycling schedule is the same for both types of pick up.
  • There are some differences in placement of trash/recycling at the curb:



Typical garbage should be placed in metal or plastic cans with lids and should not weigh more than 75 pounds. Please do not place loose bags of trash at the curb.


Large (NON-metal) household items such as mattresses*, furniture, etc., will be picked up at the curb on the second day of your garbage pick up. A maximum of 10 minutes will be spent at any one location to maintain the City-wide schedule.

Mattress Pick Up Guidelines

Whether you are on the regular or ASL routes, due to issues with bed bugs, all mattresses must be wrapped in plastic and sealed with tape in order to be picked up by Sanitation.

Metal and Electronics - Special Pick up items may be disposed of (3) different ways:

  • Drop off metal and electronics at the Gedney Recycling Yard
  • Schedule a pick up at your house by using the DPW At Your Service APP
  • Call Sanitation at 422-1217 and schedule your items to be picked up at your house

Tips for Recycling for Holidays and Special Occasions

  • Glassware and ceramic dishes should not go into your home recycling bin. Drinking glasses, dinnerware, and baking dishes, whether whole or in pieces, should not be put in your home recycling bin. However, glass items like empty food jars are usually acceptable to put in your home recycling bin.
  • Recycle metal cans and plastic bottles. You might also have steel cans from cranberry sauce or jugs and bottles of juice and milk. Empty metal cans and empty plastic bottles and jugs can also typically go in your home recycling bin.
  • Leave the liquids behind. Show your thanks for recycling and recycling workers by making sure food scraps and liquids are not disposed of in your recycling bin.
  • And the soiled pie pans too. Soiled disposable foil bakeware and pans, such as those used for pies, casseroles, and breads, should not go in your recycling bin.
  • Check before you toss. If you’re unsure if an item can go in your recycling bin, check your municipality’s recycling rules or those provided by your recycling hauler.


Can I Recycle That - Wrapping Papers, Boxes & Ribbons

wrapping paper chart

Boxes and ribbons
There’s always so many
Wrapping paper options
The choices are plenty
Decisions, decisions
Which wrapping paper to use?
Take a look at the chart below
To help you pick and choose
Careful choices
Made with less haste
Means a happy holiday for the Earth
Because of less waste
There’s reuse and recycling
And composting too
Consider a greener wrapping option
And our environment will thank you!


Recycling Electronics This Holiday Season

Recycling Electronics

With holiday cheer and gifts galore, many of you will give or receive new electronic equipment. As you switch out of the old and welcome the new, please remember to recycle your old electronics responsibly.

Examples of common electronic equipment that must be recycled:

  • Computers (desktops, laptops, e-readers, tablets, etc.)
  • Computer peripherals (mice, keyboards, monitors, printers, etc.)
  • Small electronic equipment (DVR's, DVD players, MP3 players, video game consoles, etc.)
  • Televisions

It is illegal to dispose these and other covered electronic equipment (CEE) in the trash under New York's electronic waste law.

How to recycle electronics:
Visit DEC's Consumer Electronic Waste Recycling webpage for information on all available recycling/reuse opportunities.

Manufacturers of CEE are required to provide consumers a free and convenient opportunity to recycle their equipment or one piece of CEE from another manufacturer with the purchase of the same type. Depending on a specific manufacturer's acceptance program, CEE recycling/reuse opportunities may include: permanent collection locations, local collection events, mailback programs, or at-home pickup (when no other free and convenient option is offered).

Questions or concerns? Contact the E-waste Recycling Team.

Paper Recycling

Papers should be placed in reusable containers, a cardboard box or paper bags and, if necessary, tied to prevent scattering or being blown by wind.  Never place paper products in plastic bags.

Co-mingled Recycling

Rinsed bottles, cans and jars are always picked up on your second day of trash pick up, including holiday weeks. Place items in a reusable bin.

Please note: The City provides one (1) plastic blue recycling bin per household, free of charge, available at the Gedney Recycling Yard. In addition, if you have a bin that is cracked or broken, you may return the bin to the Gedney Recycling Yard for replacement.


ASL Trash

All trash must fit in the ASL can with the black lid, with the lid closed. Place the can on the property side of the curb (not in the street) facing out with the opening toward the street.

ASL trucks typically have one person manning the truck (unless there is staff in training). Loose trash outside, or sticking out - of side loader cans - such as a mop or a toy - is not acceptable. If you do have items that will not fit properly in the bin, or if you have more trash than usual and need to leave extra bags out at the curb - no problem! Call 422-1217 to request extra items be picked up.

Please allow a two day lead time for scheduling special pick ups.

ASL Bulk, Metal and Electronics Pick up*

Please call 422-1217 to make an appointment for bulk pick up, as any items that do not fit in the ASL containers require a special truck. This helps avoid having an additional truck driving through the entire truck route unless it is needed.

ASL Paper Recycling

All ASL households have received a dedicated paper recycling bin that must fit all cardboard and paper inside of it each week.  

PAPER RECYCLING OVERLOAD:  Some weeks you’ve got more paper than others!                                      To help accommodate the excellent recycling efforts of our residents we are now accepting paper overflow that you can place in one (or more) or your other side loader cans.  The only way this will work is if your other can is empty of any garbage or co-mingled recycling that day; and you must leave the lid OPEN so the driver of the truck can clearly see you are recycling paper in the other can for that day.  

If you have more cardboard or paper than will fit in your bin(s) and do not want to wait until the following week to have it picked up at your residence, you have the option to drop off paper products at the Gedney Recycling Yard, located at 87 Gedney Way.  

The Gedney Recycling Yard is open Monday-Saturday 8:30 a.m.- 4 p.m. and Sundays 8:30 a.m. - Noon.

ASL Co-Mingled Recycling

Rinsed bottles, cans and jars must be placed freely in the ASL cart with the blue top. There should be no plastic bags in with this recycling. Place the ASL cart a minimum of two feet away from the ASL trash can, facing out toward the street.

ASL Mattress Pick Up Guidelines* 

Whether you are on the regular or ASL routes, due to issues with bed bugs, all mattresses must be wrapped in plastic and sealed with tape in order to be picked up by Sanitation.

ASL rolling carts come in (3) sizes! One of them is right for you.

If you think you need a smaller or larger cart, please call Sanitation at 422-1217 to decide which cart will work best for you.