Public Hearing Notice Requirements

Certain applications before the Common Council, Planning Board, and Zoning Board of Appeals require a public hearing, as specified in the Zoning Ordinance. A public hearing provides an opportunity for interested parties to comment on a proposed project. Notice of the public hearing is made by publishing in the newspaper, mailing letters to neighbors, and installing a sign on the property. The project applicant is responsible for meeting the public notice requirements as follows:

  • Public Notice must be published once in The Journal News (the official newspaper) the notice must be published not less than ten (10) and not more than thirty (30) days prior to the date of the scheduled hearing. Proof of a one-time publication of the Notice of Hearing must be provided to the approval agency before the hearing date Find a sample public notice here.
  • Notice of the public hearing must be provided to all property owners within 200 feet of the project site (300 feet for "conservation developments"). Find a sample letter here. The applicant must provide the list of property owners and proof of notice to the approval agency. A map and list of properties may be obtained from the City Tax Assessor's office by requesting a proximity analysis. If the subject property is located within 500 feet of any abutting municipality, a notice of public hearing shall be sent to the Clerk of such municipality. Acceptable proof of notice includes any one of the following:
    • Certificate of Mailing-Firm for First-Class Delivery (Postal Service PS Form 3665)
    • Original postmarked receipts confirming delivery was made via Certified Mail/Return Receipt (in lieu of providing individual receipts, you can use PS Form 3877)
  • A sign must be posted on the project site to provide notice of the public hearing.  The sign must be posted not less than 10 days prior to the initial public hearing and must be removed not more than 5 days after action by the approval agency. Sign templates are available for download below:
Common Council PUBLIC NOTICE Fillable Sign
Planning Board PUBLIC NOTICE Fillable Sign
Zoning Board of Appeals PUBLIC NOTICE Fillable Sign