The Department of Planning creates and implements plans, policies, and programs that work together to achieve the community’s vision for the City of White Plains today and in the future.

The Department supports and advises the Mayor, the Common Council, and other City Boards, Committees, and Departments on planning related issues.

The Department reviews land use applications for zoning amendments, site plan approvals, special permit approvals, subdivision approvals, and disposition of City property.

Planning also directs comprehensive, consensus-based planning, zoning, and economic development initiatives that apply both city-wide and to individual neighborhoods.

Its support of other City agencies includes technical assistance such as map preparation and demographic and economic research as well as the identification of funding opportunities and the application for grants from government and private sources.

The Planning Department also administers the Affordable Housing Program and federally assisted Community Development activities, and provides staff support to the White Plains Urban Renewal Agency.

In addition, the Department provides a broad range of services to city residents, property owners, business owners, not for profit and community service organizations, and developers.

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