Senior Citizens Exemption

Senior Citizens Exemption

     If you are at least 65 years of age and have owned a one, two, or three-family house, condo, or co-op for at least one year, you may be eligible for a property tax exemption (co-op owners are eligible for County tax exemption only).

     The income ceiling is currently $58,400, comprising gross income from all sources. Once the exemption is granted, the law requires that you file a renewal application for your exemption annually. Renewal forms are mailed by the Assessor’s Office.

The last date to file is December 1st of each year.

Required Documentation

Proof of Age

Applicant must provide one of the following:

  • Baptismal certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Citizenship papers
  • Driver’s license
  • Passport

     Property owner must be 65 years of age or older. If property is owned by a husband, wife, or by sibling, only one spouse or sibling must be 65.

    Please note that if the residence is a co-op, a copy of the stock certificate is required.  

    Property must be owned for 12 consecutive months and must be occupied by owner(s) as their primary residence.

Proof of Income

  • Income Tax Return - Copy of last year’s return, if one was filed. We require the first two pages of your Federal Tax Return, form, 1040 or the first four pages of your State Tax Return, form IT-201. If no return was filed, copies of 1099’s for all dividends, interest, capital gains, pensions and social security payments are needed. Combined income of all owners on or off premises
  • Social Security - Form 1099 from the Social Security Administration, or a copy of the bank statement indicating the deposited amount. If none of these items are available, the Social Security Administration will send a statement to you indicating your monthly benefits. This statement may be requested by phone at 1-800-772-1213

Children Residing

     If children live at the premises and attend public school, give the names and ages of the children and school attended. All questions on the application must be completed and all owners must sign and date it.

Renewing Exemption

     To renew your exemption the following year, you will not have to furnish proof of age.  All income information must be updated each year

Exemption Forms & Applications

Senior Citizen Application (PDF)
Senior Citizen Renewal Application (PDF)
Application for Enhanced STAR Mandatory IVP Form  (PDF)

Enhanced STAR Application Form (PDF) You must have had a STAR exemption on the same property for the 2015-2016 school year to apply for the Enhanced STAR Exemption.

 Please note that applications are also available in the Assessor’s Office and must be filed on or before December 1st.

     You may bring in your social security and/or pension checks and tax return and we will make the copies for you.

Deadline to file application is December 1st of every year.