Fall Leaf Removal Guidelines

FALL LEAF REMOVAL (October 12th - December 10th*)
*Weather Permitting

One of the joys of being a home or property owner in the fall is leaf removal.  

The City of White Plains would like to encourage all property owners to dispose of leaves naturally by mowing/mulching their leaves in place.  This is also known as Leaf Cycling.  

The three options for leaf disposal/removal are the following:

    Leaf Mulching – AKA: Leaf Cycling    
    Curbside Leaves placed in containers/paper bags (Est. pick- up time 7-10 working days) 
    Curbside  Loose Leaves left on the property side of the curb (Est. pick-up time 10-15 working days) 


Leaves are a valuable nutritional resource that many property owners let go to waste every fall. Mulching (leaf cycling) your leaves simply by running the lawnmower over the lawn, is the best, simplest and healthiest solution for your lawn; it saves money, saves effort, keeps your property healthy and is healthier for the planet.  Why buy fertilizer when leaf cycling provides nitrogen to your lawn naturally? If you use a landscaping service to maintain your lawn, please encourage them to practice leaf cycling as well as grass cycling. 

Mulching leaves and grass in place is earth friendly and good for your lawn. It also cuts down significantly on the need to blow your leaves to the curb.  Keep in mind, leaf-cycling is not an all-or-nothing proposition; you can gradually build it into your lawn care routine! 

CURBSIDE LEAVES IN CONTAINERS (fastest pick up time – picked up until mid-December)

During this time the Department of Public Works does not adhere to the published pick up schedule for yard debris. 

Leaves may be put into reusable yard debris containers or in biodegradable paper bags and placed at the curb as needed.  City trucks will be picking up barrels and bags on a rolling basis.  

40 gallon paper bags are available to White Plains residents at the Gedney Way Recycling Yard, located at 87 Gedney Way, in lots of ten, at a cost of $5 per lot (checks only please.)  30-gallon bags are available at supermarkets and home & garden supply stores.  Plastic bags are not accepted in this program, as the city shreds all leaves/paper bags at the Gedney Recycling Yard, and then composts the material.  


Loose leaves are collected from the property side of the curb every 10-15 working days. 

Residents and landscapers are cautioned not to pile leaves in the street as they are dangerous to motorists, cyclists and children, and they clog vital storm drains in adverse weather.  

In addition, once we have a hard freeze and/or snow, if leaves are in the street, they will become a frozen mess and will impede our snow plowing operations. 

*Weather permitting, we will continue our loose leaf collection and request that all leaves be placed at the curb by the first week in December, so we may conclude leaf pick up by mid December.  Once the final round of picking up loose leaves is complete, city trucks and related equipment must be converted over to snow and ice removal mode.   
If you have any questions please call 422-1202.


87 Gedney Way
White Plains, NY  10605

Monday thru Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Sundays* 8:00 a.m. - Noon (*White Plains residents only)

Gedney Recycling Yard Drop-Off  

During leaf season, if you have STICKS or BRANCHES or SHRUBS to get rid of, please drop them off at Gedney Way. These items cannot be included them in the leaf mulching process.

White Plains residents may drop off their yard debris, as well as paper and co-mingled recycling at the Gedney Recycling Yard (7) days a week.  See hours above.

Grass clippings, leaves, lawn rakings and branches must be placed in the designated areas.  There is a gate attendant at the Gedney Yard to help direct you.

Reminder:  FREE compost, mulch and logs are available at the Gedney Yard to White Plains Residents to take home.


The Gedney Recycling Yard accepts White Plains generated yard debris from commercial landscapers who have obtained a City of White Plains Department of Public Works coupon permit.  

Landscaper coupon permits:  Coupon books (20 coupons per book) are sold at a cost of $750 for (4) cubic yards of yard debris WITHOUT grass clippings.  This cost is increased to $1,500 for yard debris disposal that INCLUDES grass clippings. Call (914) 422-1206 to inquire about obtaining a coupon book.