Metered Parking

Making a Quick Stop

Most on-street metered spaces provide a one-hour parking limit. Short time limits at on-street meters promote turnover which increases space availability.

Staying a Little Longer

Off-street parking is available at various downtown municipal surface lots, most of which offer two and three hour parking.

Need More Time

Short and long term metered parking is available at various municipal parking structures throughout the downtown area.

When Payment is Required

On-street meters require payment Monday through Saturday, in the downtown area from 9AM-9PM. On-street meters outside the downtown area require payment 9AM-6PM. On-street parking is free on Sundays and on the following holidays:  January 1, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and December 25 (please remember this refers to on-street parking only). Please read the meter globe and area signage. If you are unsure, contact customer service at 914-422-1232 and someone will assist you.

Off-street meters in lots and garages require payment at all times on all days.

If your meter time is expired on-street or in a municipal surface lot, you will be eligible to receive a $25 "meter time expired" summons. If your meter time is expired in most downtown parking structures, you will be eligible to receive a $10 overtime notice. Please note that all meters give a six-minute grace period, after paid time, before a summons will be issued.

If You Receive a "Parked Beyond the Limit" Notice

On streets and in municipal surface lots, the parking limit is indicated by signs and/or by the meter time limit. This time limit is the maximum time a vehicle can be legally parked in the same lot or on the same street, whether or not time is shown on the meter. All time limits are in effect from 9AM-6PM Monday through Saturday.

At the expiration of the time limit, the vehicle must be moved out of the area or it is in violation and subject to a summons answerable in City Court.

Multi-Space Meters

In specified municipal parking structures and surface lots, parking patrons use centrally located multispace meters (similar to bank automated teller machines.) These meters accept coins, bills, MasterCard and VISA, and issue change and receipts. Parking patrons can purchase additional time as needed without returning to their space. These locations also offer meter payment by phone using either Mastercard or VISA (1-888-450-7275).

Single Space Meters

These electronic parking meters accept nickels, dimes, quarters, and cash keys.

Parking Meter Rates

  • Off-street $1.00 per hour
  • On-street $1.00 per hour ($1.25 per hour in the downtown/central parking zone and $1.00 per outside the downtown/central parking zone)

 At select Commuter Locations:

  • $1 per hour for each hour up to 7 hours
  • $0.25 per hour for each additional hour up to 24 hours

Meter Problems

If your are experiencing meter problems at the following parking structures, please contact the specific garage office.                                                                        

 Hamilton-Main Garage 914-422-1310            
 Lexington-Grove East
 Lexington-Grove West
 White Plains Center Garage

For all other locations, please contact the Lexington-Grove West Garage at 914-422-1391.