Homeowner Assistance

Westchester Residential Opportunities Flyer
Mortgage assistance flyer
Westchester Residential Opportunities, Inc.,(WRO) a HUD approved Housing Counseling Agency, provides housing counseling services and has partnered with the City of White Plains to work with homeowners who are concerned about making their next mortgage payment, paying delinquent taxes, are in foreclosure proceedings or mortgage default.  Through a grant from New York State, the City has partnered with WRO to provide outreach, education and counseling services to homeowners at risk of losing their home.  The purpose of this initiative is to help people stay in their homes and eliminate the creation of zombie homes that may become potential sources of blight in the community. WRO’s counselors are highly skilled and trained to intervene in cases like yours. Please contact WRO’s office at 914-428-4507 or send an email to info@wroinc.org to schedule an appointment. WRO staff will work directly with your lender to negotiate a beneficial outcome tailored to a homeowner’s unique situation. The counseling services are free and office hours are scheduled to accommodate a homeowner’s traditional workday (9:00am – 5:00pm).